3PLY Ultra Luxe Individual UnPaper Towels with Snaps

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Ultra Luxe 3 PLY UnPaper Towels are a very stylish, modern and environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels. They can be used for anything you would use a paper towel for!! Once they are dirty, simply put them in the washer.

These SUPER absorbent 3 layers make this UnPaper Towel our most absorbent! And our ultra modern prints are the perfect addition to your kitchen!

Price is listed for 1 Ultra Luxe UnPaper Towel.

Each towel is approximately 12” x 11" and has 3 sets of snaps that allow you to snap them together, roll them up and place them on a paper towel holder! It takes about 8 UnPaper towels to make a full roll depending on the size of your holder. You can roll them as is, or you can purchase a mesh reusable insert roll to add more stability to yoour roll separately in our shop.

All fabrics have been prewashed to reduce shrinkage and are ready for use. Towels are made with reinforced stitching so there are no loose threads edges or corners, this increases longevity and durability. Each towel has also been cross stitched to avoid bunching when laundering.

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold water, gentle cycle. Hang or tumble dry on low heat. Do not use bleach or fabric softener/dryer sheets. Do not wash towels while snapped together. Do not leave wet for the first few cycles to limit colors running. They have been prewashed to help prevent this but still may occur if the towels are left wet. Dry immediately after washing.

All fabrics have been hand picked, cut and sewn by me in my home sewing studio in Las Vegas.


100% Ultra Luxe Cotton/Rayon Blend Flannel

100% Birdseye Cotton (middle layer)

100% Cotton Terry Cloth